Three Parts of the Human Being

The human being is made up of three parts. The physical, metaphysical, and energy. They are often referred to as the body, mind, and soul. For an empathetic example of these parts consider your physical senses (taste, touch, vision, smell, and hearing) as the parameters of your body. Then consider your second set of senses of the mind, which include acknowledgment, foresight, reasoning, conceptualizing, and imagination. Lastly, your soul is the driving energy force behind the mind and body. The soul’s senses include, but are not limited to happiness, sadness, anxiousness, anger, fear, and tenderness. All of these sensory mechanisms included in response to nature.

Physical, Metaphysical, and Emotional Connection

Although they are all separate, as everything in nature is, they work together as one to make up one—the human. The soul drives the mind to drive the body. Energy from the soul exerts the mind to configure how the body is to work. Consider a corporation or any business. The soul is the owner of the company who’s interest is that the company succeeds. The mind is the supervisor who handles managing how the work is to be processed and reports back to the owner (soul). The body is the laborer who does the groundwork for the company. Like any business, all parts of the company have to be well maintained in order for it to be prosperous.

Divide and Care

Considering the human being is made up of several parts, it’s important to separate the parts periodically in order to maintain solidity on a whole. Like a car, building, computer, or anything made up of parts, they have to be isolated once in a while for repairs and refurbishment. So as everything else in nature, each part needs to be cared for in order to have a healthy whole. Furthermore, it is important that all of these parts are consistently used in order to maintain their functionality. Nature destroys idleness, as metal rusts, wood rots, water evaporates, the inactive become weak, and the dead decay, it’s important that the human (and everything in nature) exercises its purpose.

Communicating with the Senses

It is an essential of life to make important the metaphysical world and the emotional world as the physical. Language is used to communicate the metaphysical and emotional parts of human existence, when physical sense lacks. However, there are other ways of communicating with the metaphysical and emotional senses within oneself and amongst others. Attraction is one way. Often times without words, there are magnetizing attractions visible to the eye that are felt through heartbeat and aroused sentiment. Melody is another way the human identifies the metaphysical. If a frequency of sound to the ear is a determining factor in the harmony and communication of ones self with another. A more discrete, but ever so present, human ability to communicate with the metaphysical is instinct. Often felt through sudden emotional bursts that spark the mind to start questioning a curcumstance.

The importance of human communicating with the parts of themselves is to ensure the directive of the soul is at work. Communication with all the senses ensure that the health of the human is not at risk. Although, the mind body and soul have a set of defense senses that instinctively shy away from threats to the health of the human. These include anger, sadness, fear, cuts, scrapes, pain, confusion, fatigue, and ambition. When the human is effected by one of these reactions to something, it is a drive to avoid or conquer the affliction. These defense senses are there for the reasons of protection from harms of going against nature.

The Purpose of the Human Being

The purpose of everything being is to strengthen and serve. As vague and simple as it may sound, that is the ultimate fulfillment; the ultimate purpose. Everything in nature, humans included, is to strengthen, and serve other functions of nature. All reason and purpose are driven from the energies fed by others and to be able to feed the drive, strength has to be developed. Like everything else, reasons and purposes can be broken down to individual will, however, the main premise is to strengthen and to serve. Furthermore, the receiving of service from another is a strength, in which is turned over to another at an eventual time.

Humans vs. Other Species

The design of the human being is no different than that of anything else in nature. Including inanimate objects. Although species function differently, everything has it’s physicality (matter), it’s metaphysicality (function), and it’s energy (purpose). However, the one distinction that separates humans from other parts in nature is the extended foresight. Humans have the ability to plan and vision beyond the realm of instant gratification. This allows the ability to construct, plan and wait. The ability of foresight is both advantageous and equally destructive.

**Note that the human physicality serves no advantage over other species such as walking upright and having a thumb. Birds have wings, and fish have gills. It would only be fair to mention all species distinctions. However, no species has the foresight ability as the human.**

Importance of Understanding the Human Construct

Understanding the construct of the human is crucial to existence, life, and overall fulfillment in existence. The human function, purpose, and existence is very simple and complications only derive when right, wrong, good, bad, equality, etc. are inserted. What’s good for one may be bad for another, and vice verse. Nature runs on a realm of balance. When a human is low, other humans will instinctively raise the lowly, when a human is prideful, others will tear the prideful down. It’s not deceit, greed, and envy that are an evil plague of humans, but the imbalance of nature. Each human is individual by birth, existence, and death. There are no general categories, other than human, that defines a human. When groups and categories are imposed, it automatically determines that what’s good for one is good for all and likewise in reverse. Each human’s function is primarily their own and is how it’s intended by nature, otherwise, nature would have made life differently.

Another notion not to be misconstrued is that service and reliance have different meanings. Service means helping, reliance means depending. Each human (as all products of nature) are born with the ability to survive independently needing only service (help), not reliance from others. The human species is an awesome species that thrives working together independently (as all products of nature). For the soul thrives on working towards freedom and independence, meaning the capability to live with minimal help and be a reliable service to others striving to be free and independent. Therefore, it’s important that each individual understand their individuality.