Terrorism is a huge problem in the world. However, not so much because of all the “terrorists” or people who commit acts of violence in the creation of fear to fulfill something, but the susceptibility. It’s so easy to terrorize anything, anyone, anywhere, and that’s the biggest problem. Even clowns are capable of doing so. For starters, think of all the susceptible places like, schools, businesses, trains, buses, city districts, big buildings, and even clubs. All the terrorists and tactics used by these “terrorists” were different, such as the weapons, methods and people, however, all of the places “terrorized” or even having the possibility, are places that hold the same qualities. They are largely populated at the same time. And what’s even more frightening, most, not all, are not by choice. School, businesses and districts for example, aren’t necessarily optional, which leads to populating the trains and buses involuntarily, which then only leaves limited time options for leisurely activities. That alone creates such susceptibility to terrorist plots. Simple logic can make the most inefficient “terrorist” pretty successful.

However, not showing up to school or work may eventually lead dealing with another group who commit acts of violence to fulfill something. This group is formally known as law enforcement. If you don’t show up to school or don’t pay what you’re supposed to, you just might be greeted by a group of men with guns. So all in all, it seems that there is no fight against “terror,” but for it. The first step in fighting anything is securing yourself. We (not just the US, but all countries) have seemed to skipped that step by maintaining susceptibility. The second step is identifying the threat. Well, according to the news and the several “terrorist” agencies developed over the years, anyone can be a threat. And the third step is fighting the threat. But you can’t fight without steps one and two. So how the fuck are we fighting “terrorism?” Why haven’t we reduced populations in the same places, reconstructed some of the times of meeting, or even, more inhumanely, bombed the shit out of the suspected “terrorist” areas? Wasn’t an atomic bomb dropped on non threatening people? Something doesn’t seem right. These security tactics only seem to be effective on people who have no intention of “terrorizing.” If anything has been solved, its that we’re now more preoccupied with searches and screenings as opposed to being blown up. If anything, getting blown to bits while waiting to be searched and screened in, again; involuntary lines we’re forced to stand on.

The last thing that makes this whole “terrorism” thing a problem, is the suspicion and capture of “terrorists.” Exactly, how is it possible that the Feds seem to know where, when, and by who, every “terrorist” plot occurs? Either, our “terrorists” are really fucking stupid, or we have a few geniuses left in this world. Both seem impossible, but aren’t completely cancelled out. Is somebody toying with us on little acts like on 42nd St. and surprising us with big ones like on 9/11? Do “terrorists” only appear in turbans and beards? Somehow, we can’t solve murders that are 30 years old, but predict the planning of an organized attack, which takes some decent intelligence to pull off, by the way.

Again, the problem of susceptibility was and is not worked on. That’s the problem behind it all. If anything, we induce the likelihood of being “terrorized” more and more as we go to be with the crowd. We’re told everyone else is doing that, so we do it, and bam! If there were real unidentified “terrorists” threatening our ways of life, exactly, how are you going to single them out? It could be anybody. It could be you, it could be me, it could be people in the government, it could be Muslims, it could be Jews, it could be Christians, anyone. Perhaps, we’re not paying attention to the “terrorists” we can see, which are our own people who commit acts of violence to fulfill something that we bow down and obey. Then somehow, make us susceptible to attacks of “terror” by people we can’t see. The only problem that’s consistent is that terror is being used to justify “terror” and it’s done by indirectly forcing us into the middle of it. Another area of life where the words have become more meaningful than the idea. We are the meat in a terrorist sandwich.