The Ghetto Superstar

You know I get a laugh from men, when they’re chit chattering

This and that and when they think they’re flattering

With the blabbering about what doesn’t matter when

They don’t factor in the streets don’t act or pretend.

Like the cops won’t gather them or glocks won’t splatter them

with shots like Kenny Anderson on the blocks scattering.

Clustered in the hood suffering like they’re good hustling

with the should’ves and would’ves, could’ves, their fronting.

These cats think the goal in life is to collect gold and ice

And get it sold for twice of what they flip or rolling dice

Gambling their soul and life as envy stole their life cold in fright.

Even those holding mics claiming fake names like forgery

With false claims like sorcery, but more importantly

You’d better rethink who you think thinks you’re the greatest

Because they think you don’t think they think you’re the fakest.

Men indulge in these fantasies

That result in calamities.

They beef like bulls with their familes

But soft like sheeps wool when alone in their vanities

Now he thinks that you think that he thinks you’re clever

but he thinks and you don’t think and he thinks whatever.

Now you don’t think he’s thinking so you pop the fly talk

And just when you don’t think your thoughts are on the sidewalk

from running out of the mouth with lies and the bullshit.

Then your families at your funeral with cries, holding tulips.

You thought guns bring the glory and funds bring the shawties,

but it’s not yours like Maury and you get played like a story.

Stay original and indivisible, whether with a crew or individual.

Forget phony fat lipped, flapping fake fucks

They’re following trends and in the end with them you’ll get ate up.

Pimps with hot whips and stunting with a cash role

Along with lips that pop shit like the function of an asshole.

They’re stepping really hard and for names steal and rob.

They put in so much work and can’t get a real job.

What did you think would happen after doing all that flapping

Not realizing no one had your back now you’re wasted like a napkin.

Lies for reputation disguised like decorations

caught up like fascinations and shot like vaccinations.

What the fuck do you think bro? You’re rugged

when police use you to feed their families stomach

or execs make money on shows while you’re the puppet

and your kids need dough and clothes you can’t come up with?

What people don’t know is that they really don’t know

And that what they do know others don’t want them to know.

They saturate Ads of fake fads of great acts displayed

But don’t elaborate that it’s sake’s to eliminate what matters great.