Wake up!

Life is just like a box of chocolates. All of those individual candies are sweet, inviting and enticing on the outside. They all look good. However when you dig in, there’s only two or three that you actually like. The rest of them, well, they’re full of shit. Only a few are really good with what you really like. Let me show that box we live in.

I want grab someone’s head, clinch my fist and go knock knock.

But the response wouldn’t be who’s there, it’ll be Knock knock

And echoes and echoes of knock knock, knock knock.

People sleep on your skills but you sleep on what you’re not.

It’s depressing watching those that hurt you get respected

But you know right from wrong, defy the norm you’re rejected

And the best is, “society needs to be corrected.”

But you’re the fucking issue because they diss you and you accept it.

Selling lies, they televise fake schemes of making G’s.

You’re adults at eighteen but you’re playing make believe.

I mean, when you find me what you find is me

But when I find you I find another one’s identity.

Acting tough guy but you’re afraid of yourself.

But people need your dependence because you pay for their help.

The justice needs you committing crimes, it’s how they’re promoted.

The government wants you sniffing coke because they own it.

You really think what they confiscate is in confinement.

You really think your cash is passed to save the environment

But borrow what you don’t have so you’re monetarily submissive

Do you get this? You’re stupidity’s a business.

Wake up wake up wake up to truthfulness.

Make up isn’t going to make you beautiful miss!

Tight skirts, ice, furs, and a group full of kids

with dudes all up in that ass hence they’re so full of shit.

I don’t hate the player doing what dad did

And me what my dad did, supporting your kids.

How? More taxes because you sit on your asses,

But the catch is, theft is a legalized practice.

Even religion has distinctions that sin is human driven.

Then treat God like man, give money then you’re forgiven.

Charity’s a rarity and needs a little clarity.

It’s not a favor if you want praise sir, it’s vanity.

What’s the difference between a fool and a scholar?

Nothing! Both do what they do to make a dollar.

The worst is people hide behind their children for validation

Meanwhile indulge in comforts while they

How can you be free if you’re trapped emotionally?

How can I be me if I’m what I’m told to be?

How can I be wrong if I admit mistakes and correct it?

How can you be right asking “what’s wrong?” You don’t get it!

You tell your mom you love her but you’re snatching money from her purse

And you tell your lover fuck her, but you’re the one that’s hurt.

It’s actions over words but you relax on what you heard

And react from what you heard then get attacked by a herd.

Not elephants but relevant to a lion or hawk.

You may not get the picture until you’re outlined in chalk.

There’s a war going on but one you’ve created.

So you follow someone else. Do you love self hatred?

This is for professionals, hustlers, strugglers and muggers

Black, white, Spanish and those that check the box other.

Even religion. Wake up! Here’s how to.

Recognize and realize the real lies about you!

Wake up, wake up, wake up! Stop agreeing.

Thinking while you’re sleeping only means that you’re dreaming.