We are often plagued with phrases such as “they're all stupid,” “they don't know what they're talking about,” “they want to control us,” or “they're out to get us.” Perhaps, “they've messed this world up,” “they're out there,” ”they don't know what they're doing” and so forth. 

However, there is a danger when you hear the pronoun "they." The danger is that there is an uncertainty about the source or there is no specific source. Whether the situation, or act, is harmful, or helpful, not being able to identify the source leaves the victim powerless, simply because there's no target for retaliation. The source of the problem is invisible, thus It becomes a battle against the wind.

When "they" are referred to more specifically such as a group, organization, or government. the same danger exists. Perhaps there's a more refined placement of the source, but it only winds up identifying several possible sources, instead of the source. For example, if a town in the Middle East is bombed by the US, you may hear "The United States Army neutralized an Iraqi military base with weapons of mass destruction..." the problem is that it includes the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who had nothing to do with the incident. If the word "army" was left out of the phrase then millions of people would have been included in reference to something they had nothing to do with.

Groups are another danger for several reasons. For starters, nature doesn’t create life in groups. Life is individually acquired. For classification purposes we associate things of like traits, like a flock of birds, school of fish, or race of people, however they all require individual care and are perfectly capable of surviving individually outside of the group. Crediting any action to a group is falsehood. Groups don’t perform actions, individuals do. Secondly, entropy, a lack of order or predictability; a gradual decline into disorder occurs when something gets too big, including ideas.

Groups are only imaginative ideas, though once big enough, destruction begins. In other words, anything that gets too big for its own good is bound to fall. It exceeds the balance intended by nature. Also the law of diminishing returns takes effect which is the devalue of the individuals. Anyone who belongs to a large corporation, union, or institution can quickly realize how devalued they are because they are easily replaceable. Then the fall begins as the fight for individual integrity and intelligence begins, tearing down what was only an illusion to begin with. People working together are merely working together, it doesn’t make them alike. A group is not tangible.

However, this imaginative idea of “groups” or “them” has been used as a defense mechanism. You can’t fight something that isn’t tangible, or doesn’t physically or metaphysically exist. Therefore the word “they,” or groups that can be replaced with the pronoun "they," is vague and causes confusion. The vagueness of "they" has been used to keep people powerless. You can't fight what you can't see. You can't touch “Government” and you can't personalize with “McDonald’s.” You can’t have a one on one fight with a “state.” Furthermore, you can't defend yourself if you don't see the enemy.

Consider the court system. The "State vs the actual person" or vice verse. It’s certainty verses uncertainty or vision verses blindness as “they” see you but you don’t see “them.” Perhaps you have financial issue so you call the bank and speak with someone on behalf of the bank. Who or what is the bank? However, if there's a debt, they call you. Same goes with the police. If you have an issue with the police department you can sue them, but no one is specifically brought to justice however, if there’s an issue with you, you are arrested. However, if an individual in a group poses a threat to the group, then that bad weed will be singled out in an effort to protect the illusion by showing an individual that didn’t conform, hence firing, bringing charges against, or other individual disciplinary measures. However, it’s not about the individuality its about the group, which is controlled by individuals.

The larger point is to beware and be aware of “they.” That is a reference to individuals hiding behind the illusion of a group. It’s more than just “them,” but persons, who use the disguise of group, by name or idea, in order to practice their purposes free of direct repercussions. Groups are figments of the imagination that aren’t living. They serve no purpose in life other than to organize. Submission to a group, race, nation, organization, religion or any other illusionary binding of people is immediate forfeiture of the self values and purpose given by nature. Groups are also the mask of an individual attempting to control a mass of individuals. Nature creates everything in it’s individuality and it’s own purpose. Although trees, animals, and people have like traits, nature doesn’t mass produce the same products. Even blades of grass have their individuality. Our mission is to find the individuality and not submit to the lazy conclusion of “they.”